1,000 Crunch Challenge

1,000 Crunch Challenge

If you’re looking for a tougher challenge than our 21 Day Crunch Challenge, then this is for you!

The goal for this challenge is to reach 1,000 crunches by the end of 2 weeks/14 days.

You’re doing only the basic crunch exercise for this challenge.

The first day of the challenge begins with 40 crunches and so forth…

Over the span of 14 days, you’re accumulating a total of 1,000 crunches.

This is a more advanced version of our 21 Day Crunch Challenge; if you’ve been working out for awhile, this challenge is perfect for you.

Utilize this challenge in order to tone and strengthen your abs and core.

DO Not use this challenge if you want to burn the layer of fat on top of your abs or in around your waist.

This is merely used to challenge your abs and make them stronger.

For fat loss purposes, it’s recommended that you perform moderate to high-intensity aerobic exercise at least 3-5 times a week in conjunction with this challenge.

Are you ready to fill up that bar?

Week 1

Day 1

40 Crunches

Challenge Total: 40 Crunches

Day 2

50 Crunches

Challenge Total: 90 Crunches

Day 3

60 Crunches

Challenge Total: 150 Crunches

Day 4


Day 5

70 Crunches

Challenge Total: 220 Crunches

Day 6

80 Crunches

Challenge Total: 300 Crunches

Day 7


Week 2

Day 8

90 Crunches

Challenge Total: 390 Crunches

Day 9

100 Crunches

Challenge Total: 490 Crunches

Day 10

110 Crunches

Challenge Total: 600 Crunches

Day 11


Day 12

120 Crunches

Challenge Total: 720 Crunches

Day 13

130 Crunches

Challenge Total: 850 Crunches

Day 14

150 Crunches

Challenge Total: 1,000 Crunches

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